The proteome map of the escamolera ant (Liometopum apiculatum Mayr) larvae reveals immunogenic proteins and several hexamerin proteoforms

José Ángel Huerta Ocampo María Soledad García Muñoz AIDA JIMENA VELARDE SALCEDO Eric Edmundo Hernández Domínguez JORGE LUIS GONZALEZ ESCOBAR Alberto Barrera Pacheco ALICIA GRAJALES LAGUNES Ana Paulina Barba de la Rosa (2018)

"The larvae of escamolera ant (Liometopum apiculatum Mayr) have been considered a delicacy since Pre-Hispanic times. The increased demand for this stew has led to massive collection of ant nests. Yet biological aspects of L. apiculatum larvae remain unknown, and mapping the proteome of this species is important for understanding its biological characteristics. Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2-DE) followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) analysis was used to characterize the larvae proteome profile. From 380 protein spots analyzed, 174 were identified by LC-MS/MS and homology search against the Hymenoptera subset of the NCBInr protein database using the Mascot search engine. Peptide de novo sequencing and homology-based alignment allowed the identification of 36 additional protein spots. Identified proteins were classified by cellular location, molecular function, and biological process according to the Gene Ontology annotation. Immunity- and defense-related proteins were identified including PPIases, FK506, PEBP, and chitinases. Several hexamerin proteoforms were identified and the cDNA of the most abundant protein detected in the 2-DE map was isolated and characterized. L. apiculatum hexamerin (LaHEX, GeneBank accession no. MH256667) contains an open reading frame of 2199?bp encoding a polypeptide of 733 amino acid residues with a calculated molecular mass of 82.41?kDa. LaHEX protein is more similar to HEX110 than HEX70 from Apis mellifera. Down-regulation of LaHEX was observed throughout ant development. This work represents the first proteome map as well as the first hexamerin characterized from L. apiculatum larvae."


Escamoles Peptide de novo sequencing Gene ontology LC-MS/MS qRT-PCR Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis BIOLOGÍA Y QUÍMICA CIENCIAS DE LA VIDA BIOLOGÍA MOLECULAR BIOLOGÍA MOLECULAR