Author: Claudia Denicia Carral

Un método independiente del idioma para responder preguntas de definición

An independent language method for answer definition questions

María Claudia Denicia Carral Luis Villaseñor Pineda Manuel Montes y Gómez (2010)

Este trabajo describe un método para responder preguntas de definición basado exclusivamente en patrones léxicos brindando con ello independencia sobre el idioma. El método aplica dos pasos de minería de texto. El primer paso se enfoca en el descubrimiento de un conjunto de patrones léxicos superficiales a partir de ejemplos de definiciones recuperados de la Web. Posteriormente, se usan los patrones descubiertos para extraer una colección de pares concepto-descripción de una colección de documentos dada. El segundo paso de minería se aplica para determinar la respuesta más adecuada para cierta pregunta específica. Los resultados experimentales se obtuvieron con datos del foro CLEF 2005 y 2006 en tareas monolingües para el español, francés e italiano. Dichos resultados demuestran la pertinencia del método alcanzando altas precisiones para los tres idiomas.

This paper describes a method for answering definition questions that is exclusively based on the use of lexical patterns, and, therefore, that is language independent. This method applies two main text-mining steps. The first step focuses on the discovery of a set of surface lexical patterns from definition examples downloaded from the Web. Subsequently, it uses these patterns to extract a set of concept-description pairs from a given target document collection. The second step applies a text-mining algorithm to determine the most adequate answer to each specific question. Experimental results were obtained using the datasets from the CLEF 2005 and 2006 for the monolingual tasks in Spanish, French and Italian. These results demonstrate the relevance of the method which showed very high precisions for the three languages


H. Sistemas de Información H.3 Almacenamiento y Recuperación de Información H.3.4 Sistemas y Software Sistemas de Búsqueda de Respuestas Preguntas de Definición H. Information Systems H.3 Information Storage and Retrieval H.3.4 Systems and Software Question- Answering Systems Definition Questions CIENCIAS FÍSICO MATEMÁTICAS Y CIENCIAS DE LA TIERRA MATEMÁTICAS CIENCIA DE LOS ORDENADORES CIENCIA DE LOS ORDENADORES

Bilingual document clustering using Translation-Independent features

Claudia Denicia Carral Manuel Montes y Gómez Luis Villaseñor Pineda RITA MARIANA ACEVES PEREZ (2010)

This paper focuses on the task of bilingual clustering, which involves dividing a set of documents from two different languages into a set of thematically homogeneous groups. It mainly proposes a translation independent approach specially suited to deal with linguistically related languages. In particular, it proposes representing the documents by pairs of words orthographically or thematically related. The experimental evaluation in three bilingual collections and using two clustering algorithms demonstrated the appropriateness of the proposed representation, which results are comparable to those from other approaches based on complex linguistic resources such as translation machines, part-of-speech taggers, and named entity recognizers.