Author: José Jaime Sainz-Santamaría

Using social media as a tool for assessing citizens perception of regional development dimensions for policy making

Gabriel Puron-Cid José Jaime Sainz-Santamaría Oscar Sánchez Siordia Daniela Moctezuma (2015)

Regional development has enticed the attention from business people, non-profit and international organizations and policy makers at all levels of governments. The main goal of this focus is to fight against regional inequalities and differences. Many methodologies have been used to diagnose multiple dimensions of a particular region in order to conduct analysis and eventually to design or adjust public policies. In general, all these analytical tools have focused on using multiple regional indicators for measuring some development dimensions: income, jobs, housing, education, health, environment, safety, civic engagement, access to services, among others. Today these tools have been advanced due to the improvements of quality of statistical data and the computational power to analyze these data. In spite of these technical and methodological advances, this study claims that these studies are based on data collected using traditional statistical approaches such as census, surveys and questionnaires which are expensive and difficult to implement in various countries. Another limitation is that these methods do not assess citizens’ perception. The objective of this research is to develop an automated tool to assess the perception of citizens about their regional development dimensions by using georeferenced entries in Twitter localized in Mexico. This poster only shows the methodological design of this research, the dimensions and categories to be assessed, and the preliminary results of category of potable water access of the dimension of income/poverty.

Conference poster

Social Media Regional Development Local Development Citizen Perception Well-being Dimension CIENCIAS SOCIALES GEOGRAFÍA GEOGRAFÍA ECONÓMICA DESARROLLO REGIONAL DESARROLLO REGIONAL