Author: Juan Uribe Toril

Labor vulnerability of latin american rural women

Jaime de Pablo Valenciano Mercedes Capobianco Urdiales Juan Uribe Toril (2022)

This article deals with the study of the labor situation of rural women in Latin American countries. Rural women are one of the most vulnerable social groups in the Latin American workplace, due to its low labor participation, occupational majority self categorization as workers and unpaid family account and positive rates of feminization. But their chances of improving their social vulnerability status of work focuses primarily on nonagricultural Rural Employment (NARE), with great potential in rural development, and legislative support in access to land assets. Opposite the urbanization process is necessary to implement public policies that take into account the existence of rural women as workers in rural areas and design support measures specifically aimed at this group



Empowerment land ownership public policy Pobreza empoderamiento propiedad de la tierra políticas públicas CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES