Author: Roberto Sánchez Benitez

Alejandro Morales´s mystical realism

Roberto Sánchez Benitez (2021)

The cultural nationalism of the Chicano Movement in the 1970s made a Chicano community self-representation as victims of a repressive socio-economic reality, and at that time was willing not to lose the values and language of their ancestors. The literary work of Alejandro Morales, like many other Chicana/o writers, not only clearly illustrates the complex nature of bicultural and bilingual experiences of Mexican immigrant and Mexican American citizen, but will incorporate a reality that Chicano nationalism had not paid adequate attention: violent life mexico-American neighborhoods, and will join the nod experiences that it had on representation of the origin, meaning and destiny its of ideological proclamations. This article refers to the peculiarity narrative description of Morales’s first novel, which is part of the so-called ¨mystical realism¨, trying to relocated it in such literary canon. We will show that this concept can include other aspects of loneliness and affirmation of individuality that is collected or made from offal and external social family. Negative and self-destructive uniqueness that enriches the conceptualization of Chicano critic. References to the pachuco image on film by Luis Valdez and Octavio Paz´s essay help us to clarify the traits of the characters in Morales´s novel and how they overcome a stereotypical view.



Chicano literature neighborhood mystical realism pachuco Literatura chicana barrio realismo místico HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA HUMANIDADES Y CIENCIAS DE LA CONDUCTA