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One characterization women political today: A Mexico city research

Anna María Fernández Poncela (2021)

This is the perceptions and opinions reviews of the population of Mexico city about women candidates and politicians. It’s a look from the citizenship through a survey on the point. The results indicate a rupture or questioning of some stereotypes.



Perceptions opinions candidates women political México city Percepciones opiniones candidatas políticas ciudad de México CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Natural disasters and economic growth: a synthesis of empirical evidence

Fernando Antonio Ignacio González (2021)

Natural disasters pose a serious threat globally and, in the future, their frequency and severity are expected to increase due to climate change. Empirical evidence has reported conflicting results in terms of the impact of disasters on economic growth. In this context, the present work seeks to synthesize the recent empirical evidence related to this topic. More than 650 estimates, from studies published in the last five years (2015-2020), are used. Meta-analysis and meta-regression techniques are employed. The review includes three sources (Scopus, Science Direct, and Google Scholar). The results identified the existence of a negative and significant combined effect (-0.015). Developing countries are especially vulnerable to disasters. The negative impact is greater for disasters that occurred in the last decade -in relation to previous disasters-. These findings constitute a call for attention in favor of mitigation and adaptation policies.



Disasters GDP meta-analysis meta-regression desastres crecimiento PIB meta-análisis meta-regresión CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Risk, Covid-19 and hospital care in Mexico City: Are we moving toward a new medical practice?

Rubén Muñoz (2021)

Covid-19 pandemic has entailed new challenges for health care in the Mexican public health sector, producing changes in clinical practices that are now handling patients infected with covid-19 and also outpatient consultations at tertiary-level care hospitals. Some of these challenges are related to the perception of risk held by physicians regarding the possibility of contracting or transmitting covid-19 during their work,and to the management of risk from the standpoint of biomedical organizational culture linked to the material and symbolic conditions of public health services predating the pandemic. We analyze these issues from a anthropological research based on in-depth interviews to physicians that work with covid-19 patients at “Covid-19 hospitals” or “hybrid hospitals” in Mexico City. Covid-19 has arrived in social relations and perceptions of risk in the arena of health care and involves knowing and transforming some structural and symbolic conditions, resignified with the pandemic, for proper medical care.



Covid-19 percepción de riesgo personal de salud atención médica hospitalaria cultura organizacional biomédica CIENCIAS SOCIALES CIENCIAS SOCIALES risk perception health care workers hospital care biomedical organizational culture