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Implementing a Human Resources Competency-Based Model: An Actor Network-Perspective.


"This paper draws on a qualitative study informed by Actor-Network Theory (ANT). A socio-technical perspective is presented to describe how humans and non-human actors are attempted to be enrolled during a Human Resources Competency-Based Model (HRCBM) Implementation in a multi-campus University System in Mexico. The Project Implementation (PI) is seen as continuous processes of negotiation with and enrollment of relevant actors during the project trajectory. It includes insights from 17 semi-structured interviews with actors involved in the project. The paper shows how an actor-network was created, expanded and maintained. To strengthen the network stability, different strategies were developed and implemented by the core implementation team. But other issues suggested by ANT contributed to slow down the implementation process: some omissions made by the core team during the problematization stage, the failure to fully enroll relevant actors and the existence of a competing network. This approach can help researchers to better understand how to apply ANT concepts to study socio-technical situations such as a Project Implementation."


CIENCIAS SOCIALES Actor-network theory Socio-technical processes Project implementation Human resources

A human resources project implementation: an actor-network theory perspective


"Two main objectives are aimed at this paper. Firstly, to suggest the use of Actor-Network Theory (ANT) as a suitable theory to inform the Implementation of a human resources project (called ModeCo, Modelo de Competencias); and secondly, to shed some initial insights to understand some of the issues that shape the rhythm of this implementation. The paper draws on a qualitative study informed by ANT (Callon, 1986; Latour, 1987; Law, 1992) which is used as a ‘sensitizing device’ to describe how a project implementation (PI) takes place in a multi-campus university system in Mexico. We provide a number of statements that capture how ANT was useful in our study and suggest some issues that shaped the PI. We adopt an interpretive approach (Walsham, 1995; Walsham, 2006) and rely on data collected using a battery of different methods, including insights from 12 semi-structured interviews, project documents and attendance to online meetings. In terms of analysis our research rests on the principles of interpretive studies by Klein and Myers (1999)."


Actor-network theory Project implementation Human resources Interpretive studies CIENCIAS SOCIALES

Implicaciones de los bonos de puntualidad y asistencia, criterios de excelencia, satisfacción y crecimiento profesional

Implications of the bonuses, excellence practices, satisfaction and professional development


Históricamente, las compensaciones han sido vistas como una función administrativa que consiste sólo en realizar el pago a los trabajadores, propia de contadores y cuya única exigencia ha sido dar cumplimiento a las legislaciones laboral y tributaria, aunque existe evidencia de que el rol y las funciones propias de recursos humanos han estado evolucionando. El objetivo de esta investigación es explorar las implicaciones que tienen los bonos de puntualidad y asistencia en los criterios de excelencia, en la satisfacción laboral de las personas y en el crecimiento profesional. Es una investigación mixta, en la parte cualitativa se realizaron 40 entrevistas con siete preguntas abiertas, y para la parte cuantitativa un instrumento con 33 items, aplicándolo a 100 personas que trabajan, encontrando que no existe relación entre la satisfacción laboral y el crecimiento profesional con los efectos del bono de puntualidad y asistencia y la disminución de las prestaciones.

Historically in the workplace compensations have been understood primarily as an administrative function limited to accountants and dedicated to make monetary payments to workers. Specifically, these compensations are aimed at complying with tax and law regulations. There is however evidence supporting the fact that the role and function of human resources management have been changing. This research project has as its main objective to determine the implications that punctuality bonuses have on, excellence practices, job satisfaction and professional development. To accomplish this, this study uses for its qualitative component survey information collected from a sample of 40 interviews using a questionnaire of seven open questions; while using for its quantitative component a 33 self-designed items instrument, that was consequently applied to a simple of 100 workers. Preliminary findings provide evidence that there is not relationship between job satisfaction and professional development with the punctuality bonuses and a reduction in layoff compensations and benefits.


CIENCIAS SOCIALES Compensaciones Bono de puntualidad y asistencia Prestaciones y beneficios Recursos humanos Satisfacción Compensation Bonuses Benefits Human resources management Satisfaction

Distribución espacio-temporal de las actividades extractivas y su relación con la conservación de los recursos naturales : el caso del ejido Caoba al sur de Quintana Roo

Antalia Gonzalez (2005)

Resumen en español: "La relevancia de los procesos demográficos y ambientales demanda profundizar en el estudio de sus vínculos e interconexiones. En este trabajo se analizó la distribución espacio-temporal de las actividades extractivas del bosque en un ejido al sur de la Península de Yucatán con el fin de evaluar su impacto potencial sobre la conservación de sus recursos naturales. Las actividades extractivas a evaluar fueron la recolecta de leña, la extracción de chicle, la cacería, la milpa y la extracción de madera. Se entrevistaron a 33 ejidatarios con una entrevista estructurada para obtener información referente a la distribución temporal de las actividades en el ejido. Posteriormente, se localizaron espacialmente las zonas de extracción con ayuda de un GPS. Se construyó un índice de perturbación para cada actividad y se elaboró un mapa de perturbación por actividad basado en el valor resultante del índice. La actividad con mayor índice de perturbación fue la milpa, debido a la frecuencia de la actividad y su desarrollo a lo largo de todo el año. Por el contrario, la extracción de chicle fue la actividad con el menor índice de perturbación puesto que se desarrolla una sola vez en el año y tiene lugar durante la época menos crítica para la fauna en la región. "

Master thesis

Conservación de los recursos naturales;Paisajes fragmentados;Bosques tropicales;Administración de recursos;Ecología humana;Fitogeografía Conservation of natural resources;Fragmented landscapes;tropical forests;Resources management;Human ecology;Phytogeography BIOLOGÍA Y QUÍMICA CIENCIAS DE LA VIDA CIENCIAS DE LA VIDA

Environmental Effects of Aquifer Overexploitation: A Case Study in the Highlands of Mexico


There are several environmental processes occurring under aquifer overexploitation conditions. These processes include groundwater table decline, subsidence, attenuation and drying of springs, decrease of river flow, and increased pollution vulnerability, among others processes. Some of these effects have been observed on the Upper Basin of the Lerma River. The Lerma River begins in the SE of the Valley of Toluca at 2,600 m asl, in the wetland known as Lagoons of Almoloya del Rı´o. This wetland is made up of a group of lagoons, which are an important aquatic system from an environmental point of view. The water inflow of this wetland is a discharge of springs, which occur between the fractured volcanic material of the mountain range and granular volcanic– continental deposits of the Valley of Toluca aquifer. The intensive exploitation of the Valley of Toluca aquifer to supply urban and industrial wáter to Mexico City and Toluca began in 1950 and is responsable for a steady decline of piezometric levels of 1–3.5 m/yr. Other effects of this exploitation—the drying of the wetland, the decrease of river flow and the land subsidence— caused serious ecological and social impacts. The authorities declared this aquifer as overexploited in order to reduce the exploitation and preserve the availability of wáter resources in this important región.


Highlands of México, aquifer overexploitation, Valley of Toluca aquifer Water resources exploitation Water table decline Diminution of river flow Wetland Ecological impact Water Resources Exploitation CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS Y BIOTECNOLOGÍA

Maize in Indonesia: production systems, constraints and research priorities

Dewa Swastika Rachmat Hendayana (2004)

Maize is the second most important cereal crop in Indonesia after rice. The demand for maize as food and feed has been steadily increasing. Total national maize production has grown at 4.07% per annum in the last three decades, thanks mainly to the adoption of improved production technologies, particularly hybrid seed. This high production, however, still fails to meet domestic demand and has caused a rapid incr ease in the net import of maize. This study characterized the maize production systems in four major maize-producing provinces in Indonesia, namely Lampung, East Java, West Nusa Tenggara, and South Sulawesi. Important pr oductivity constraints faced by maize farmers were identified and included: low grain prices during harvest; high input prices; large distances between maize production areas, feed mills, and seed industries; lack of promotion of local improved maize varieties (OPVs and hybrids) by gover nment resear ch centers; and lack of farmer capital. Far mers, the Government of Indonesia, and pr vate companies should be encouraged to develop appropriate technology and policies, such as tariffs and credit systems, to overcome some of these constraints.


Agricultural resources Maize Agroecosystems Agricultural research CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS Y BIOTECNOLOGÍA

Maize in India: production systems, constraints, and research priorities

Pramod Kumar Joshi (2005)

Maize is a promising substitute crop allowing diversification from the rice-wheat system in the upland areas of India. The crop has high production potential, pr ovided the available improved hybrids and composites reach the farming community. This study found that major biotic production constraints were Echinocloa, Cynodon dactylon, rats, and termites, which reduced maize pr oduction levels by more than 50%. Other important abiotic and biotic stresses listed in descending or der of importance were: caterpillars, water stress,stem borers, weevils, zinc deficiency, rust, seed/seedling blight, cutwor m, and leaf blight. Non-availability of improved seeds, inadequate input markets, inef fective technology dissemination, and lack of collective action were the principal socio-economic constraints.


Diversification Water resources Hybrids Maize Agricultural Economics CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS Y BIOTECNOLOGÍA

Increasing wheat production in Central Asia through science and international cooperation

Alexey Morgounov (2005)

The objective of the First Central Asian Wheat Conference, held on 10-13 June 2003 in Almaty, Kazakhstan, was to assess the current status of wheat research and cooperation in Central Asia, particularly in the areas of wheat breeding, genetics, plant protection, biotechnology, and agronomy. Also evaluated were the achievements of regional cooperation in promoting winter and spring wheat varieties, seed production activities, and the exchange of information among academics and specialists from Central Asia and foreign countries.

Conference proceedings

Seed production Technology Varieties Genetic resources CIENCIAS AGROPECUARIAS Y BIOTECNOLOGÍA

El cambio global : medio ambiente y sociedad

Global change environmen and society


Se presenta una evaluación de algunos de los resultados de la segunda conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el ambiente y el desarrollo (UNCED y las perspectivas potenciales de los resultados, se analizan los documentos básicos de la UNCED en el contexto de las prioridades de una variedad de problemas relacionados con el desarrollo socio-económico sustentable y el ambiente. Se enfoca la atención para revelar las relaciones (interactividad) requeridas para la solución de los problemas discutidos. Puesto que los documentos de la UNCED son principalmente declarativos en su carácter y no sebasan en conceptos claros de prioridades, se enfatiza la necesidad de mayores esfuerzos intensivos sobre la base de una cooperación internacional eficiente.

In order to assess some results of the Secone United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) and resulting potential perspectives, the basic documents of the UNCED have been analyzed in the context of the priorities of the range of problems concerning sustainable socioeconomic development and environment. Attention is focused on revealing the relationships (interactivity) required for the solution of the problems discussed. Since the UNCED documents are largely declarative in their character and are not based on a clear concept of priorities, the necessity is emphasized for further intensive efforts to substantiate priorities on the basis of efficient international cooperation.


POLÍTICA DEL MEDIO AMBIENTE Medio ambiente-Influencia humana Cambios climáticos Recursos naturales Natural resources