Liking product landscape: going deeper into understanding consumers’ hedonic evaluations


Claudia Sánchez-Gómez

Julieta Domínguez-Soberanes

Mario Graff

Sebastián Gutiérrez

Gabriela Sánchez

Héctor B. Escalona Buendía

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Open Access

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doi: https://doi.org/10.3390/foods8100461

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The use of graphical mapping for understanding the comparison of products based on consumers’ perceptions is beneficial and easy to interpret. Internal preference mapping (IPM) and landscape segmentation analysis (LSA) have successfully been used for this propose. However, including all the consumers’ evaluations in one map, with products’ overall liking and attributes’ perceptions, is complicated; because data is in a high dimensional space some information can be lost. To provide as much information as possible, we propose the liking product landscape (LPL) methodology where several maps are used for representing the consumers’ distribution and evaluations. LPL shows the consumers’ distribution, like LSA, and also it superimposes the consumers’ evaluations. However, instead of superimposing the average overall liking in one map, this methodology uses different maps for each consumer’s evaluation. Two experiments were performed where LPL was used for understanding the consumers’ perceptions and compared with classic methodologies, IPM and cluster analysis, in order to validate the results. LPL can be successfully used for identifying consumers’ segments, consumers’ preferences, recognizing perception of product attributes by consumers’ segments and identifying the attributes that need to be optimized.

JCR del journal reportado al año de publicación del artículo (2019): 4.092



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October 9, 2019

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Published Version




Foods 2019, Volume 8, No. 10



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Sánchez, C. N., Domínguez Soberanes, J., Escalona Buendía, H. B., Graff, M., Gutiérrez, S., Sánchez, G., 2019. Liking Product Landscape: Going Deeper into Understanding Consumers’ Hedonic Evaluations. Foods 2019, 8(10), 461. https://doi.org/10.3390/foods8100461

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Repositorio Institucional de INFOTEC




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